make - do frippery, jewels
"Joseph Warren"
Boston, Mass. "Birthplace of Gen. Joseph Warren.
Gen. Jos. Warren, "Commandery, K.T.
lived in a wonderful saltbox in Boston.
He planted each big oak tree himself.

This necklace started with an BEAUTIFUL gold fob with amazing detail of a saltbox home. It says Joseph Warren at the top,
Commanery, K.T.
Boston, Mass
then says, "Birthplace of Gen. Joseph Warren"
The necklace is 14" long plus the fob is 2.75'.
Adjustable with a large clasp

An old tin toy sparked my eye one day and of course it screamed to be a necklace! "Yee-haw"!
17" overall length; Horse is 3" tall

My son Joshua went away to war. He was so proud to join up. He won a GAR medal in the Grand Army of the Republic
and at the top are the letters FCL
that stand for "Fraternity, Charity & Loyalty". 3 days after he sent his medal home to me, I got the letter of his
death. I have worn his medal ever since.

Oh dear! This mid 1800's GAR medal
is wonderful. The neclace including the medal is 20" long but can be adjusted shorter by wherever you hook the clasp.
The medal is 2.5"

Rhinestones are a civil war bride's
best friend. Before leaving to join his regiment, Irving and I wanted to get married. Irving could not afford a ring at the time, so he gave me his photo on a string of rhinestone's instead. When he returns from the war, I will one day have a ring! 

Lots of sparkle on this one! I love it!
I set an early tintype in an old
buckle type frame and just started adding pearls, rhinestones and BLING!
Adjustable from 14" to 19" long

We rolled bandages for the cause all day today, during our meeting of the "Ladies of the Grand Army."

Great 1886 medal for the "Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic"...features a 13-star ribbon and the letters FCL across the top. Along with an aged brass chain, I've added an early multi-colored chain that has some wonderful colors in it!
Necklace is adjustable from 15" - 17'
and the medal is 2.25" long.

From my love of anything MAKE - DO, I was inspired to reclaim, re-make, reconstruct, and make-do some jewels. Insired by the manner of all things early, I have found unique one of a kind objects and made them the focal point of necklaces and bracelets. For the most part, all items used in my frippery are old or vintage ~ with the exception of a few links or stones here and there.
Thanks for visiting my little corner of madness!

frip·per·y   // ", "6"); Pronunciation[frip-uh-ree] 
1. finery in dress, esp. when showy, gaudy,or the like.
2. empty display; ostentation.
3. gewgaws; trifles.

Oh! I like that.... "GEWGAWS, TRIFLES"

When my Jonas went off to fight for the Grand Army of the Republic, he gave me his tintype. It was on the very same day he kissed me for the first time in the orchard.
I wanted to keep his photo near my heart so Mama helped me string a necklace.

This is an early 1/16 th size tintype of a handsome gent. There are some lovely seed pearls along with 4 early topaz beads and some vintage watch fob chains completing the look. All of the chains have natural aging and wonderful patina, but to show the detail, I have photographed the necklace using a flash.The chain portion is 14.5" long and the tintype is 2" long.